Aesthetic Medicine

by Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs

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We would like to thank our parents, God, Kyle Stuck, Nick Chinn, Brian Denny, Liam Sienko, Man Ray, Myles Clason, Alex Kent, Rodrigo Coronel, Jody Keyes, Doris Day., Second Anchor Line, The Olympic Venue, Treefort Music Festival and all those who have given us shelter, food and friendship on the road.


released May 5, 2017

All songs written & performed by Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Kyle Stuck at The Spark - Nampa, ID
Artwork designed by Dallin Kroon & Nick Chinn.
"Larmes de Verre" (Glass Tears) by Man Ray, - Paris, France. 1932.

Produced by Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs & Kyle Stuck



all rights reserved


Midnight Legs // Marathon Lungs Boise, Idaho

We're not sad. We're contemplative.


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Track Name: Senescence
To wait is to surrender

And to tarry, to prolong

The anguish before you

Humbly greet death with open arms.

Tomorrow’s but an empty word,

An empty word you say.

Someday’s but a hollow promise,

Just as dead as yesterday.
Track Name: The Six & The Eight
Step down from the pedestal,

Pull away the rug

From underneath your pious feet.

Come before the tribunal,

Kick away the crutch,

And fall upon your ailing knees.

Forsake your vain ambition,

Kick not against the pricks,

But relinquish your unholy crown.

Surrender to Sedition,

Whose tongues of fire lick,

Consuming all upon the ground.

Break up up your fallow ground,

Sow not among the thorns -

Lest the thistles choke the briars,

and prevail.

Tasteless, yet bitter,

You swallow the dregs of a cup unfamiliar.

Acquitted, yet tethered,

You choke on the bread of a tyrant, a governor.
Track Name: Cyanosis
Rainy sunday morning walks
Do so much more to clear my head
Than anything society could offer

Softly bathed in grey morning light
The hazy sagebrush and cottonwoods
Set my anxious, troubled heart at ease

I know this can't go on
Some time alone is much overdue
I've never known a deeper shade of blue

If only time could heal all wounds
I'd sit and wait out the coming storm
With no one but my old friend, solitude

I swear that I'm not sad, I'm contemplating
How things would be and would have been
How much more I know I would have suffered

I know this can't go on
Some time alone is much overdue
I've never known a deeper shade of blue
Track Name: Waxen Wings
The air on which we beat our wings is the air on which we choke.
The light which leads and guides our eyes is the light that blinds them both.
The height to which we aspire to reach is the height from which we fall.
Track Name: Reunion
A treasured friend once gained

Brings depth to the explained

And clarity to the yet obscure.

As would an orange sky

Glisten over a summer tide

And illuminate its distant shore.

The smooth, familiar grain

Where hands have worn and played

Remind through song past love procured –

A strain which leaves the hearts consoled

Of those who long for hearth and home;

A melody profound and pure.

Well acquainted smiles are often prone to burst,

Quenching laughter’s yearning to satisfy its thirst.

Companions reunited and affinities rekindled

Stoke the embers of a furnace whose flame will never dwindle.
Track Name: I Still Believe in the Good at Heart
As I stare into the sun
For just a minute too long,
I'm reminded of a happier hour -
Of summers not spent alone...

Where on a shady riverfront,
We sat and softly conversed;
And left behind our ivory towers,
And quelled a subconscious thirst
We pretended to know about.

While exhaustion haunts my every thought,
And though I long for rebirth,
I have but little reason to grieve -
For I've lived through famine and dearth

Sad melodies float in my head
Whose songs remind me of friends.
But unlike those who go and leave,
These songs will stay 'till the end...
Songs I pretended to care about.